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  • 15’ X 11’ space =  $576/yr
  • 20’ X 11’ space =  $636/yr
  • 25’ X 11’ space =  $768/yr
  • 30’ X 11’ space =  $840/yr
  • 35’ X 11’ space = $960/yr
  • 40’ X 11’ space = $1092/yr
  • 45’ X 11’ space = $1212/yr
  • 50’ X 11’ space = $1320/yr
  • Covered Storage = $3,600/yr-no special pricing available

Pull through spots are an additional $300/yr

Monthly Lease Prices

  • 15’ X 11’ space = $48/mo
  • 20’ X 11’ space = $53/mo
  • 25’ X 11’ space = $64/mo
  • 30’ X 11’ space = $70/mo
  • 35’ X 11’ space = $80/mo
  • 40’ X 11’ space = $91/mo
  • 45’ X 11’ space = $101/mo
  • 50’ X 11’ space = $110/mo
  • 40’X 11, Covered= $300/ mo
  • 40′ X 11′ Lean To space = $260/mo

Pull through spots are an additional $25/mo


Required items to start a new lease

  1. Proof of ownership; title or registration.
  2. Proof of insurance.
  3. Copy of drivers license.
  4. Item being stored must be present during lease signing.


Do you have security?

Our entire 48-acre property is fenced, and there is a security camera system in place. We require personal gate codes for secure, easy access.

Do you have a dumping station at your facility?


Do you have a security gate?

Yes and everyone receives a personal gate access code.

Do you have indoor storage?

We do have covered storage depending on availability.  Please contact us for more information.

Is there space currently available?

Yes, Please call, as availability changes daily.

Do you rent on a month to month basis?

Yes, with direct auto deduct from your bank.

How do I proceed to rent a space?

Call 970-541-4869 or come in to the Windsor Storage office.

Is there a security deposit required?

No.  We trust you will vacate your space in clean, empty and well kept condition.

What can I store in my space?

We go by the “3 R rule.”  All vehicles need to be “rolling,” “registered,” and “recreational.”

My boat is 20 ft- do I need a 20 ft spot?

We measure tongue to tail.  If boat manufacturer states it’s a 20′ boat, most often it measures 23′, therefore a 25′ space would be required.  Any vehicle protruding into the drive aisle is a violation per county code.  All vehicles will be measured upon initial lease signing.

What is the min/max amount of time I can store for?

Minimum lease is 30 days with auto-deduct.  Maximum is 24-months with the option to renew the lease at time of expiration.

How can I pay?

We accept cash, check or auto-deduct.

How do I know my stuff will be safe?

We try our best to provide a clean and secure environment for your toys.  We have a security gate and security cameras on site.

What happens if my stuff gets damaged in storage?

All recreational vehicles must have current insurance.  You will need to file accordingly with your insurance agency. This is no different then if you were hit in a supermarket parking lot, you are liable for any damage you may cause to your neighbor’s vehicle while entering or exiting the facility.

Does my vehicle need to be insured while it’s in storage?

Yes, all vehicles must be currently insured to be stored at Windsor Storage, LLC.

Can I access my vehicle anytime day or night?

You can access it 6:00am – 10:00pm daily.

What if I need a different size space mid lease?

We are happy to accommodate any current tenants depending on current availability at the time?


Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within the next 24 hours with the information you are seeking. If that isn’t fast enough for you, please call us at (970) 541-4869.

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Do everything we can to accommodate your storage needs


At Windsor Storage we provide the highest possible level of service we can for our customers. When it comes to boat storage, RV storage, ATV storage, motor-home storage and motorcycle storage we have the space that you need for your toys to be safe and sound. With over 10 acres of space Windsor Storage is the premier storage facility in Northern Colorado. Stop by and check us out!